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Live Concert


1. Ticket sales.

  • By listing/ submitting event sales to our platform the organizer agrees to the commissions / fees as set out in our pricing structure. 

  • The organizer agrees that all ticket sales revenue will be paid out to us and commissions and transaction fees will be deducted. The remaining value will be paid out to the event organizer as per their payout plan selected. 

2. Event cancelations.

  • In the the instance where events are canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, the organizer accepts that the event organizer will be responsible for refunds to customers/ticketholders. 

  • In the event of a cancelation, commission and transaction fees are non refundable and the organizer will be responsible to refund the ticket value that has been paid to them directly to the customer/ticketholder

3. Registration staff.

  • Registration staff are included free of charge in our Tier 3 price plan on condition events tickets over R450.00 & must have over 500 guests.

  • Should the event organizer require registration staff but not have more than 500 attendees or tickets valued at R350 minimum, we can arrange registration staff for the event at R250 per staff member per hour. 

  • Registration staff are currently only available in Cape Town & Johannesburg South Africa.

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