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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use:

1. I acknowledge that TicketCrew Gateways is technology service and  not a financial services or credit provider. 

Service Fees:

1. I accept & acknowledge I will be responsible for any setup/ hosting/ maintenance/ upgrades required to my designated gateway. 


1. TicketCrew Gateways services include:

- Entry portal for competitions services. 

- Customer registration gateway for products or services.

- Online competition voting gateway services.

- Event ticketing services.

Service Fees breakdown:

Domain / Gateway Registration & Setup : Included.

Hosting / Ecommerce platform: R650.00 per month. 

Any additionally required services will be charged separately. 


As a entry portal: 10% of entry fees.

As a voting platform: 20% of voting fees.

As a Ticketing Platform: 4% of ticket cost + R 5 per ticket.

As a payment collection platform: Rates are to be discussed & confirmed on a case by case basis. 

All service fees & commissions are deductible against future earnings. Should costs outweigh future earnings, the client will be held accountable for the balance due. 


1. Depending on setup, usage of gateway and start date, reconciliations will be done on the 25th of every month, with payouts being done on the 26th of every month. Should the 25th/26th fall on a weekend or public holiday, reconciliations / payments will be concluded the following business days. 

2. Payouts will be done minus any service costs & commissions.

Special terms:

1. In the case of events, should organizers requests payouts prior to event date, the event organizer / gateway authorizing person accepts liability should the event be cancelled for any reason. 

2. If events are canceled for whatever reason, the organiser / authorising person indemnifies TicketCrew, its directors and partners from any claims or refunds. 

3. If an event is canceled, its becomes the responsibility of the organiser to refund the ticket purchasers directly. 

4. If an event is canceled, TicketCrew gateways' commissions & service fees are nonrefundable.

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